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------ foundling ------
(DOB 14 March 2012)

Nemo was found in our front garden. We guess she was less than four weeks old and that she had become separated from her littermates and her mum. She was covered in ringworm and needed to be fed with an eye dropper.

We were going to take her to the RSPCA but they didn't open for a few hours so we decided to take her to the vet then to the RSPCA with whatever medicine she needed.

At the vets Nick was asked for her name, I had said to say she had 'no name' and was going to the shelter - Nick said her name was Nemo.  We then had another kitty!

She looks like she has been dropped into a paint pot with her white markings on

Thanks Dad that is yummy!
They put me in alCATraz because I had ringworm.

If I fit I will sit even in the bin.

I think I have settled in well don't you?

Oh! A box just for me.

Mum says I have grown up to be a beautiful kitty.