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If you view this using "Internet Explorer" then the FLV should work.

For Chrome selet the three vertical dots (top right), settings, advanced, content settings, Flash, add to the Allow area.  You may need to close and reopen Chrome.

For Edge - make sure that adobe flash is enabled then go to the address bar and  you will see an i with a circle around it. Click on that then select "Allow Adobe Flash" and refresh.

The first one is all of the videos below but in the one file.
I suggest you hit the 'play' triangle then 'pause' while it loads some of the file, then hit 'play'. If you have a slow connection maybe view each of the exercises separately below.

Novice - Sign 7

Novice - Sign 8

Novice - Sign 9

Novice - Sign 10

Novice - Sign 11

Novice - Sign 12

Novice - Sign 14

Novice - Sign 16

Novice - Sign 21 - special

Novice - Sign 21

Novice - Sign 22

Novice - Sign 25

Novice - Sign 27

Novice - Sign 31

Advanced - Sign 32

Advanced - Sign 33

Advanced - Sign 37

Advanced - Sign 38

Advanced - Sign 42

Advanced - Sign 45