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"Sue's Embroidery Page"

For a variety of reasons I seemed to have ended up doing a bit of "machine embroidery" of dogs.

I started with commercially digitised dog embroidery files but soon decided that I wanted to have embroidery that was of my own dogs - not generic dogs of the same breed.

I purchased Embird and started playing. Here are some of the results

The video files below show how I digitised a photo of Freya using Embird Studio (the Sfumato Tool) and Embird Editor.

Part 1 of a video showing how Freya was digitised (with audio)
Part 1 is the Studio/Sfumato sections.

Part 2 of a video showing how Freya was digitised (with audio)
Part 2 is after Sfumato and back into Editor to tidy up stitches and save as a .sew file.

Norma Jeanne's beautiful puppy Timber


Freya's page

Greta's page

Mishka and Neo were tragically taken in the Black Saturday fires (Victoria, Australia - February 2009) along with their loving family.
RIP Neo and Mishka.

Loki's page

Tara is Loki's dam