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"White Paw"

------ foundling ------
(DOB unknown - 1 November 2009)

White Paw turned up on our doorstep in late 2003 looking hungry and unloved with quite a marked limp.

It appeared as though he had been living rough and feeding by hunting mice and lizards but with his limp he didn't appear to be doing so well.. He was an adult cat but we guess not fully grown..

We nicknamed him White Paw. He remained an outdoor cat and we started to feed him and improve his health but we didn't class him as 'ours' yet. We didn't invite him indoors because of our three cats (Sooty, Neffy and Lucky) and we didn't want to cause a fight. We were also worried that he might bring in diseases.

We kept an eye out in the paper but there were no lost notices and he had no collar or other signs of being owned by anyone. He gradually grew to accept us and accept a pat from us. This meant a routine of patting White Paw and then disinfecting before we went inside.

In October 2004 we noticed that he was limping badly again so we decided to catch him and to take him to the vet. He had X-rays and all his vaccinations were brought up to date. He needed anti-inflammatory tablets daily so we had to keep him indoors which presented a problem. Anyway - we popped him in one of the dog crates and got the other felines used to him and eventually allowed him free run of the house.

There have been many 'spats' between the cats but the pecking order seems sorted out now with Sooty on top, then White Paw, then Neffy and finally little Lucky. All is now quite amongst the cats - well most of the time anyway

Paw has grown to be a REALLY BIG boy and is actually bigger than Sooty. He is a very loving boy and is favourite spot is curled up asleep on my lap.

White Paw1
If you move all of the junk I'll
be able to stretch out more.

White Paw2
Paw is getting comfortable now.
White Paw3
A desk all for me!

White Paw4
Oh well - Lucky doesn't need this
all of the time.

White Paw5
Do you think I'm comfortable?

White Paw6
Don't wake me up - I need my
beauty sleep.