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------ Clipsun Miska------
(4 April 1993 - 28 October 2004)

Miska, a Finnish Spitz, was bred by Doris Bornemann and came to us as a three year old when Niina died.

Miska joined Greta and they had 7 great years playing together.

Miska was a real 'scrounger' and one time managed to find a peach seed - it went in but unfortunately wouldn't come out again. This resulted in a week at the vet and major surgery.

Miska was a gentle lady and a beautiful girl. Not long after she arrived Nick wrote the following:

6:10 am The pup's awake, still if I lay still and pretend I'm asleep, I might get left in - good it worked.
6:45 am Tellies on - up on the bed for a quick snuggle and pat from the boss - then outside with the pup to let the neighbours know I'm awake.
7:05 am Job's done - now breakfast! Oh, good titbits from Sue as well - what's on this morning, toast crust with blackberry jam, not as good as honey, pity - still I'll eat it anyway. Hell - looks like another stinking hot day.
7:45 am Sue's off to work. Hello - this looks promising, the boss has the fan on in the office, sliding door closed - YES - air-conditioning on. Just enough time for a gallop around the garden chasing birds, and murdering any of the assorted wildlife I can get my teeth into, that includes that bloody pup if she continues to annoy me.
9:45 am Time to go in. I'm too tired to bark - I'll get the pup to do it - guess she's some use after all. Great aircon's working a treat - under the desk and sleep. I'd kill that bloody pup if I had more energy.
11:30 am This looks bad - the boss' is dressed looks like he's going out - damn it so am I straight out the door.
12:45 pm Boss' back - come on Greta couple of yips at the back door plaintive little whine, that's it - now a wistful look from both of us should do the trick. Great it worked - door's open AND AIR-CONDITIONING, back under the desk before he changes his mind. That pup's got to go.
5:00 pm Hey, its cool outside - come on time to let the neighbours know we're still here.
6:15 pm Sue's home - I don't really care but I'll go through the motions of a big welcome - makes her feel good. Greta on the other hand is a real crawler.
6:30 pm What's the boss got for tea? Chicken! You little beauty more titbits.
6:35 pm That was nice - now a romp in the garden with Greta - she's not all that bad I suppose - in her own little gruesome way. At least she's a Fink - like me.
6:50 pm What making too much noise - moi? You can call all you like, I'm not coming in. Oh - oh that's the boss this time - he sounds a bit cranky - better humour him I suppose.
9:30 pm What's that? Tucker, I know what that means - food. That was great - now for a little run around outside.
9:55 pm Sounds like the boss has gone to work - oh well it's nice and cool out. You're wasting your time Sue - call all you like - I'll come when I'm good and ready. What's that - bedtime? Why didn't you say - that means air-conditioning - my own little basket - comfort. I'll even put up with that pup.
12:30 am The boss' home. I'll just give a few little woofs to let Sue know. You know she looks quite funny hanging off the fan - now I wonder why she did that. I wonder what that Word means.
1:30 am Boss' come in - good another pat - he's assured me I'm a good girl. Must remember to give him another welcome when he comes home tomorrow night.
2:00 am Light out boss' asleep - bugger it - he's snoring again.
5:10 am She's awake early - I'll kill that bloody pup.

On the couch - her favourite position

Sitting pretty in the back yard.

I shouldn't be up here! Says who?

I'm not laughing at you -
I'm laughing with you - really!

Miska & Greta
Two little bookends.
Miska and Greta

I'm such a pretty old girl, aren't I?
I promise I'll never eat another peach seed.

Miska - tummy tickle
Tummy tickle time.