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------ Almytee Boys Light Up - Alaskan Malamute ------
(22 August 2004 - 20 December 2015)

28 January 2008

Our beautiful Freya passed over to the bridge on 20 December 2015.  She became less and less mobile and the pain was no longer relieved by the medication.  We made the hardest decisions to allow her to move on and be free from pain.

My beautiful special girl has left us.
For Freya
"Always remember that you are special;
I will love you with my last breath;
I will love you with the last beat of my heart;
I will love you all the days of my life;
Remember that you are so very special. "

Here is her story:

Freya, our Mally, joined the menagerie in November 2004.

Freya was bred by Angela Knight (Almytee kennels) and arrived by plane from Queensland with a tag on her collar saying "spoilt" - we knew we were in for some trouble!

She is absolutely adorable, mischievous and somewhat similar to a herd of elephants when she runs through the house. Even as a 12 week old puppy she was already as big as Greta, our fully grown Finkie.

She gets along fine with Greta and is absolutely no problem with our four indoor cats (Sooty, Neffy, Lucky and White Paw) so it proves that Mally's and cats can get along - with a bit of luck. Mind you - she has a habit of putting her mouth over White Paw and leaving him absolute soaked with drool but she never hurts him and Paw doesn't seem worried.

She does obedience training and agility training.

One of her favourite tricks at agility training when she was a puppy was to go into the tunnel, turn around (not sure how she managed it as she was so big), then look out of the tunnel at me as if to say - "Why are you at the wrong end?". When she was too young to do any jumping we went between the jump poles with the bar on the floor and me calling 'over' and feeling like a real fool - but she wass getting the idea anyway and she was able to start jumping in Feb 2006.

Freya finally grew into her ears!