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Rainbow Bridge

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"Loki's Second Photo Page"

Why are you taking a photo of 'that end' ?

You rang?

Just chilling out with Dad.

Make sure you get my best profile.

Just a lovely beach walk.

This beach now belongs to me!

I'm really growing up now!

All this hard work makes me sleepy.

Just chilling out.

Fluff the pillows up next time please.

You called?

On my way.

Who me?

Handsome chap aren't I?

You have such lovely breath Aunty Freya- he he he!

Look at my lovely big teeth.

I'm not poking my tongue out at you - honest!

Did you see that?

Just surveying my domain.

I'm such a funny puppy!

Are you ready to play Aunty Freya?

Look at what big teeth I have.

Don't I look spiffy in my nice cooling coat.

Did you call me?

Couch - who's on the couch?

Do you think I'm growing up?

I'm so Cute!

Why are you lying on the floor taking my picture?

Mud - What mud?


Playing is such exhausting work!

Delicate position - not!