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Rainbow Bridge




------ Poldara Trail Blazer - Alaskan Malamute ------
(DOB 10 September 2007)

Loki joined the menagerie in November 2007.

Loki was bred by Sharon Wilson (Poldara kennels) and arrived by plane from Queensland and was so relaxed and confident the instant he trotted out of the travel crate.

He is totally mischievous (as befitting his name) and, like Freya, he is somewhat similar to a herd of elephants when he runs through the house.

Loki will do obedience training and will start agility training when he is old enough.

Loki loves playing with Freya - in fact Freya is going through a second puppyhood. It is lovely to see them chasing each other around the garden and having some fun.

Hmm! I think he grew a little bit!